One and Only Hippie Memorial

On August 8, Seth and I happen to come upon the One and Only Hippie Memorial. This unique memorial, located in downtown Arcola, Illinois, was dedicated in 1999 to the memory of the hippie culture.

The site doesn’t have a Wikipedia page but here is a link to the Roadside America page: Roadside America Hippie Memorial.

Hippie Memorial Main

Hippie Memorial  Plaque  Hippie Memorial  Stone

I also took some pictures of a mural made from pop and beer caps located on a building next to the Memorial.

Hippie Memorial  pop cap mural

Hippie Memorial  pop cap mural 2

Next are a few pictures of the flowers located in front of the memorial.  It had just rained so they turned out really fun.

Hippie Memorial flower 1

Hippie Memorial flower 2

Hippie Memorial flower 5 Hippie Memorial flower 4

Hippie Memorial flower 3

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